Are You A Dinosaur in the Garden?

May 28, 2013

godzilla 3

  or, The Evolution of a Species

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never been a huge fan of …..Technology.

After all, I still use a 1930’s rotary telephone in our house (please refer to the photo for those who are not familiar with this        earlier form of communication) .  In fact, we have two rotary telephones.

So, what has this got to do with landscaping and gardening?

telephone 2


Just like our friend Godzilla I’ve been reluctant to change many of my ways.  I always have plenty of arguments and reasons and I know I’m probably a fairly lone gardener in this circumstance and that’s where the Evolution of a Species line above comes from.  For years I’ve done the bulk of my plans with paper, pen and ink although I once knew both VectorWorks and AutoCAD.  I even used them on occasion.  But for me there’s just something satisfying about hand-drafting that I’ve always enjoyed.  I mean, Frank Lloyd Wright drew the plans for Falling Water in pencil (see – an argument).  Of course what I didn’t want to admit is that if CAD had been around when he drew those plans he would have been all over it.  Frank was no dinosaur.

So, now that I’ve started developing on-line courses in design and irrigation all I could see was “Death By PowerPoint” looming it’s ugly head – at least high enough that it could get chopped off (and hey – this is my head we’re talking about).  My solution?  Evolve.  Now the classes are developed around a SmartBoard – an interactive white board that engages to a far greater degree.  The office is being re-designed into a film studio where I’ll (reluctantly) go on camera – at least for the introductions to the various courses.  I purchased an iPhone4 (still scratching my head a bit on this one)  and I’ve started using CAD again in my design work.

As gardeners, designers and architects our being able to download and use some of the apps for plant, bird and insect identification can be a great help when providing services to our clients.  And there are apps where you can manage and control your (or your clients) irrigation system from your iPhone or iPad based on real-time weather and ET data.  Even I have to admit this stuff is pretty cool.

Last night we had 0.35 inches of rain  and this will probably be the last of the rains for months to come.  Fortunately my SMART irrigation controller knows what to do and that leaves this dinosaur some time to get out and take the dogs for a walk – without the iPhone!

godzilla 2See you soon,


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